3t Business Fusion was established in the year 2010 as a vision by Mr. Kagiso Tlhobolo, to cultivate a community of specialists in the development of the tourism and nature conservation sector. The company aims to address challenges and gaps identified by the South African government 2030 Development Plan; The National Development Plan is a plan for the country to eliminate poverty, and reduce inequality by 2030 through uniting South Africans, unleashing the energies of its citizens, growing an inclusive economy, building capabilities, enhancing the capability of the state, and leaders working together to solve complex problems. 3t Business Fusion is invested and committed to bring in, new and innovative products, services, and experiences to the market in catalysing tourism development in the country.

The company develops and implements time and cost-efficient methods in achieving tailored business solutions. The main idea is to help organisations solve their pain points by making available, professionals across the country, who are experts in business development. Through the 3t Business Fusion team’s wide-ranging experience, and proficient linkages; The company has a practical, operational, and strategic knowledge which we deploy in the implementation of results driven solutions to the specific business needs of all our clients.

3t Business Fusion cc is a 100% black owned, Level 1 BBBEE.

The company has a fully fledged management team and has implemented governance processes as outlined in the King IV code.


To be the first choice sustainable tourism and transformative conservation consulting company.


To improve the quality standards in the tourism and conservation sector by providing access to skilful, and knowledgeable resources that serves the sector at large.


» Respect and integrity
» Professionalism and service excellence
» Good governance
» Women and youth empowerment
» SMMEs development
» Bound by ethical practices


Kagiso Tlhobolo

Managing Director and

Kagiso Tlhobolo
Managing Director and Founder

Kagiso Tlhobolo is driven by quality tourism standards and sustainable tourism development. He is a founder of 3t Business Fusion; a tourism and hospitality consulting company. Mr. Tlhobolo has over two decades of tourism management experience which include; tourism development, policy development, facilitations, customer experience management, process development, product development, universal accessibility management, business development, strategy and project management. He started his career with Aventura Resorts, before joining South Africa National Parks where he served as a senior manager for Tourism Standards at both Kruger National Park and Head Office.

Mr. Tlhobolo serves as a member of Tourism Standards Committee at South African Bureau of Standards. He has been an Accredited Grading Assessor at Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, with over fifteen years experience. He has further been involved in Eco Tourism Pre- Feasibility Studies, Tourism Linkages Feasibility Studies, the Tourism Tour Operator Framework development, including the national Social Tourism Scheme as well as Tour Operation Efficiency Management. Mr. Tlhobolo holds a BTech in Tourism Management and a Higher Certificate in general management.

Prof. David Mabunda

Chief Advisor

Prof. David Mabunda
Chief Advisor

Prof. David Mabunda is currently serving as KLCBT’s President, Chairperson of Council of the University of Mpumalanga and Chairperson of the Agrinet Board (PTY) Ltd. He is a Managing Director of Halls Properties, of Hall & Sons. Prof. Mabunda has served as CEO of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and CEO of South African National Parks where he successfully positioned the two organisations as major conservation agencies in South Africa and beyond. He has served as a board member and director at various private and public organisations where he made extensive contributions in the area of corporate governance. He has participated in written articles, conferences, papers, book chapters and research reports in conservation, education and corporate governance.

Prof. Mabunda’s in-puts to the global conservation field led to an election as chair of the World Protected Areas Leadership Forum (WPALF) in 2010-2012. He holds a PhD in Tourism Management, and was awarded Honorary Professor of Oxford Academic Union (UK), in recognition of his activism and professional efforts in making the University of Mpumalanga a reality.  He has numerous awards for his consistent contributions towards sustainable tourism, education and biodiversity conservation.

Tshepo Matlou

Director: Marketing and
Business Development

Tshepo Matlou
Director: Marketing and Business Development

Mr. Matlou has two decades of management experience in multiple sectors within South Africa, six years of which are in business mentoring and coaching. Mr. Matlou is experienced, proficient and ardent in coaching managers, executives and mentoring business owners; assisting various companies to become structured in business strategy, shareholding, directorship and board governance. He is instrumental in providing technical advisory to executives, business development and the facilitation of workshops. He has delivered successful coaching and mentoring assignments to a vast and varied range of business markets.

He holds a masters degree in Leadership and Management, a diploma in Marketing Management, and currently completing a postgraduate diploma in Coaching Psychology. Mr Matlou has completed varied certified coaching and mentorship programmes. He is an accredited member of COMENSA Coaching and Mentoring Association of South Africa.

Christinah Chauke

Public Relations and
Media Associate

Christinah Chauke
Public Relations and Media Associate

Christinah Chauke is a Public Relations Consultant with over fifteen years of practice. Ms. Chauke has worked as a Public Relations Practitioner in both the public and private sectors; within the areas of public relations, writing, media relations, events management, and the application of brand expansion strategies to various accounts. Ms. Chauke is currently responsible for the supply of public relations and media relations services for 3t Business Fusion. She has worked as a Public Relations and Business Communications Lecturer, and has consulted for corporates, SMMEs, agencies, lobby groups and private companies.

She is currently completing her masters degree in Strategic Communication, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychological Counselling. Ms. Chauke has two recognition awards for excellent performance in her scope of Public Relations incumbency, and holds high values towards biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, business ethics and governance.